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VHF/FM DSC Radios SEA 157PRO MOD*,157SD,157SA, 157SA/R*,7157
Marine VHF radios are primarily for short and medium-range, two way voice and data communications. VHF radio waves are line-of-sight and follow the earth's surface. Typically best for communications up to 50 nautical miles.
HF/MF SSB Radios SEA 235, 235R, 330,245, 245D,7001G,7000G
MF/HF Single Sideband (SSB) radios provide voice communications beyond the range of VHF. Depending upon the modulation method used, SSB radios are an excellent choice for worldwide voice and data communications. SSB radios operate at the medium-frequency (MF) and high-frequency (HF) portions of the radio spectrum.
HF/MF Automatic Antenna Tuners SEA 1612C, 1630
SEA 7001C, 7001C-RS7102
Data Communications
and PC Terminals
SEA 3000G   RNB
Data communications typically involves sending and receiving messages via a Telex, Data Modem, or Digital Selective Calling (DSC) modem connected to a radio.
Marine Loud Hailers SEA 857
GMDSS Communications

SEA300-A3,    SEA Area A2*  SEA Area A3*, SEA Area A4*

GMDSS communication systems are of the highest quality equipment and provide highly reliable and redundant communications for distress situations and response management.

Commercial Land Mobile & Marine Radio Equipment SEA227L* 227DTU* 1227R/M*
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