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SEA COM CORP is a leading U.S. manufacturer of high quality Marine and Land Mobile communications equipment with over 25 years of manufacturing and design experience in the United States. SEA has won numerous NMEA awards engineering excellence, product design, and reliability.   SEA success as an American manufacturer has earned the reputation as a world premier communications supplier.

SEA designs, manufactures and markets a full line of VHF and HF/MF single sideband Marine and Land Mobile communications equipment, in addition to internationally compliant Global Maritime Distress & Safety Systems (GMDSS) and products. With the introduction of innovative and competitive GMDSS, SEA has become a major supplier of communications equipment for high-seas ocean going vessels. GMDSS is an international requirement which ensures maximum safety communications for all vessels traveling the world's oceans.

It is important when considering the purchase of GMDSS equipment that it meets your exacting standards and is supplied by a manufacturer that is capable of supplying parts and providing service on a timely basis. This is why SEA should be considered the Communications Equipment manufacturer of choice.

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